With a fleet of 50 line haul company owned vehicles and a further contingent subcontractor base in excess of 200 vehicles we believe that we are more than sufficiently resourced in catering for the FCL (Full Container Load) and FTL (Full Truck Load) needs of our clients. We enjoy distinguished market share of both import and export traffic on the N3 corridor between Africa’s largest port Durban to the economic melting pot of South Africa. Johannesburg. As part of our service provision, we undertake to monitor all status changes to your shipment from receipt of your instructions up until final delivery, all updates are timeously communicated using our SAP based push-to-email technology. It is not uncommon to find that clients require updates that often extend far & beyond normal working hours. We understand the needs of our clients and we also understand that communication forms an integral part of the overall transaction.

Our quest is clear: At all times, deliver a commendable service.


We pride ourselves on a fleet of 75 local vehicles to collect LCL (less than full container load) shipments from local unpack depots for final delivery to clients. Our vehicles range from flatdeck rigid equipment to fully enclosed van bodies for highly sensitive or high value cargo. Our close proximity to our airports and all customs licensed depots makes way for our winning edge by enabling us to act swiftly even on short notice from our clients. We maintain exceptional working relationships with all depots both coastal and inland, this coupled with our extensive fleet and omnipresence at depots ensures that we are always in a position to have your LCL shipments uplifted and delivered timeously. Even your inevitable late customs release or ‘last free day’ woes -no stress.

We’ve perfected the fine art of clock racing. It’s what we do best.


Shipping & General is fully compliant and subscribes to the National Road Traffic Act 93 of 96 governing the transport of dangerous goods. Our drivers undergo regular training and possess the relevant certifications & licence endorsements as required by law. All hazchem vehicles are within full equipment spec and we hold on record fire permit approvals from our local Fire Department. We are currently permitted & suitably equipped to handle all classes of hazardous commodities with the exception of class 1 explosives.


We own 5 purpose designed gooseneck lowbeds as well as a further 5 stepdecks which are utilised within the project divisions of our clients. We supply an end-to-end service in terms of abnormal movements which includes a detailed risk analysis subsequent to viewing of shipments, permit applications through all provinces as well as police escort facilitation where necessary. The safe transportation of abnormal shipments is largely dependent on deploying the right equipment coupled with a well-documented transport strategy and method statement, one that considers all foreseeable anomalies.

Measure twice, cut once aptly sums our winning formula that is central to our success in the transportation of abnormal shipments.


Our current fleet of 10 underslung reefer gensets ensures that we are equipped to safely transport your reefer containers to and from our coastal ports to South Africa’s main city centres. As a customer, you can take comfort knowing your reefer set-temps will remain stable from the moment we load your container till we offload it at its final destination -wherever that may be. We understand the significance of time sensitive, containerised perishable products. Our customers cannot afford unreliability. We appreciate that and therefore we ensure that our gensets ,like our load bearing equipment is measurably maintained at all times.

When you partner with Shipping & General Temperature Controlled, chill, and know well that you’ve partnered with an industry leader.


At Shipping & General we know that High Value Cargo have a sinister way of almost always attracting all the wrong attention, hence we pride ourselves in leaving nothing to chance when it comes to the transportation of high valued FMCG commodities, or any highly saleable commodities entrusted to us. As the landside custodian of your shipment embarking on the last mile delivery, we will ensure that all High Value Cargo shipments are assigned to our specially trained delivery crews.


Our experience and vast knowledge of the air cargo environment and the drawing processes within ORT, enables us to swiftly deploy vehicles to collect time sensitive airfreight shipments on behalf of our clients and expedite swift delivery to the consignee. We understand that time is of the essence when dealing with airfreight and therefore it is not unusual to find our equipment on standby within airport precincts whilst we await arrival of your flight and clearances. Our delivery crews have a finely honed eye for detail, ensuring that your shipments are well received and properly quantified before taking custody /hand over to your respective airline. We offer an extensive range of closed body pantech equipment with purpose designed roller decks to further accommodate airfreight containers consigned to licensed degroup facilities.

Cartage-City Deep Terminal

We are proud to be among a few, privately owned operators who have obtained port permits for Gauteng’s inland port in City Deep. This has granted us the opportunity to offer inland cartage services to and from City Deep Terminal to deliver or collect containers on behalf of our clients. A remarkable value-added service which many clients have found beneficial to their business. Our local container haulage fleet stands in excess of 50 truck/trailer combinations, a demonstration that we are intensively geared to offer our prowess in this fast-paced field of transportation. As a registered RIB carrier, we are also accredited by SARS to remove customs stopped containers into our own customs licensed depot facility or any client nominated customs depot for an examination. Our ability to work extended hours to draw containers from City Deep Terminal, our company owned depots and the advantage of our 4 state of the art container reach stackers has given us the leading edge over our competitors.
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