High Value Cargo Tracking / Escort Services

At Shipping & General we know that High Value Commodities have a sinister way of almost always attracting all the wrong attention,hence we pride ourselves in leaving nothing to chance when it comes to the transportation of high valued FMCG commodities or any highly saleable commodities entrusted to us. As the landside custodian of your shipment we will ensure that all High Value Commodities are identified and then allocated to our specially trained delivery crews.All deliveries and collection of High Value Commodities are actively tracked and measured against a comprehensive method statement outlining the protocol that should be exercised in this field of road transport. We work on a minute by minute tracking model, where values are excessive and upon client request we will engage our escort services to ensure that there is visual security presence from the onset of the transportation transaction. In the case of containers,and on demand, we will clamp containers with a purpose designed tamper- proof container tracking unit and actively monitor the movement of your container from collection up to the point of final delivery. We treasure your shipment and therefore have an obligation to protect it, heart and soul, as if our very own. When you engage our services in this highly sought after and specialized field, know well, you have engaged with proficiency of an unparalleled kind.

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