Trec or Tremcards

Shipping & General supplies transport emergency cards for every conceivable UN referenced product.We are a supplier of both the Trec and Tremcard which we stream to a multitude of clients to whom we offer a transportation service in terms of hazardous products.

Transport emergency cards (TREC or TREM) must be carried in the cab of any vehicle carrying dangerous goods in quantities exceeding the exempt quantities. The purpose is to instruct the driver in the event of an incident. They may also assist emergency response workers, as they carry information which is specific to the particular goods being carried. There must be a card for each dangerous goods item in the load.

The consignor must either supply the card/s or give enough information for the operator to obtain the correct card/s. However, this does not absolve the carrier from a legal obligation to ensure that cards are in fact appropriate to the load. It is vital that the driver read and understand the card for any product before loading it.At S&G we have a social responsibility to ensure that our crew undergo rigorous training in this specialised field as well as ensuring regular refresher courses to ensure that we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit to practice optimal safety and an incident free delivery service at all times.

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