LCL Transportation

We have a fleet of 75 local vehicles to collect LCL (less than full container load) shipments from local unpack depots for final delivery to clients. Vehicles range from flatdeck rigid equipment to fully enclosed van bodies for highly sensitive cargo. We take pride in our fleet of tail-lift vehicles to service the needs of clients who require this facility. Our close proximity to our airports and all customs licensed depots affords us a winning edge by enabling us to act swiftly even on short notice. We maintain exceptional working relationships with all depots both coastal and inland, this coupled with our extensive fleet and consistent vehicle presence at depots ensures that we are always in a position to have your LCL shipments uplifted and delivered timeously, often within hours of unpack, even your inevitable late customs release or ‘last free day’ woes -no stress. We’ve perfected the fine art of clock racing. It's what we do best.

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