Abnormal Transportation

Abnormal load essentially means a material object which, due to its dimensions and/or mass, cannot be transported on a vehicle or vehicles without exceeding the limitations of either dimension or mass contained in Chapter III, Part 3 and Part 4 of the Road Traffic Regulations.

We own 5 specialized gooseneck lowbeds as well as a further 5 stepdecks which are utilised within the project divisions of our clients.We supply an end to end service in terms of abnormal movements which includes a detailed risk analysis subsequent to viewing of shipments, permit applications through all provinces as well as police escort facilitation where necessary.The safe transportation of abnormal shipments is largely dependent on deploying the right equipment coupled with a solid well documented transport strategy and method statement , one that considers all anomalies foreseeable and unforeseeable. Measure twice,cut once aptly sums our winning, proven formula that is central to the successful transportation of abnormal shipments assigned to our team.

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